The National Can Am Car Club was founded in early 60s around 1967. Some car clubs go for years without a hitch, others suddenly for one reason or another disappear. The National Can Am Car Club with members nationwide is proud of its heritage.

Now more streamlined, structured and enthusiastic thanks to the hard work of the committee with lots of upgrades already having taken place and with more to come. The club has had a fantastic 2015 and 2016 is shaping up to be another great year.

The club is for anyone who has an interest in American or Canadian vehicles old or new, classic, custom, rod or wreck all are welcome. Also anyone who has a love of the American lifestyle the number of members grows weekly. You don’t even need to have a car to join. Renewal of membership is 12 months from joining. Members get a professional full colour bi monthly magazine which is more than a car buffs magazine, a damn good read with something for everyone . The club caters for all ages and has a wealth of different cars, trucks and a good mix of colourful characters happy to support you with their vast knowledge and technical know how.

The club even has a Tech rep who you can contact with any problems via TECH TALK by pressing the yellow button on this web site. The club has its own dedicated Can Am phone so if you need anything just call 07717948102. Members are sent email and text alerts for shows and meets as we all have busy lives, this ensures everyone is included and don’t miss out on anything.

We also find Facebook is a great way to keep up with fellow members and what’s going on and the club has its own dedicated page.

The club has lots of meetings and events lined up throughout the year and on the 3rd Monday of each month we get together for a drink and chat at The Old Thatch Wimborne Dorset from 7.30pm. Every Sunday members can be found at View Point a long established meet at this beauty spot where you can park up grab a tea burger or ice cream and put the world to rights. This has been happening here for over 25 years and can be found at Parkstone from 2pm on wards .

We also have pie nights, skittles nights, show and shines and a great club BBQ. On top of this the club attends lots of shows and travels far and wide. Being an experienced club they are prepared to put the hard work into hosting several major shows of their own attracting 500 plus cars and thousands of the public to each show , the first one each year is Lazy Sunday in Poole normally the first Sunday in June , then a great weekend event in Devon to mark American independence Day and our main show Canamania is held the last Sun in Aug at Julians Rd, Wimborne. All shows are well attended and have something for everyone with a wide selection of vehicles and traders attending. For full details of these events see our events page.

The club is professionally run by members who give up their own free time to run the club for you, with full committee editorial staff and marketing team dedicating its efforts to living the American dream and supporting local charities. It is at all times accountable to its members and ensures that all members get the most enjoyment from their club rather than just being there for a small group of individuals.

Everyone’s ideas are listened to and discussed and if necessary voted on. Being a member of the club is fun and the club has something for everyone.

So why not get off the sofa and JOIN US and get the most from your car hobby and interest.